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Keeping the wood on the exterior of your home in good condition is required to ensure it lasts as long as possible. We are the top deck staining company and we give our customers the services needed to keep their decks beautiful and long lasting. We offer deck staining services and other solutions to keep your fence, porch, deck, gazebo, pergola, arbor, cedar and other wood structures looking great. These are all possible with the use of deck staining. We can help with all exterior wood-related services for your property.

The ultimate goal of staining is to protect the wood from moisture and UV light. Rely on us to recommend the stain that would be best for your deck. Our team knows how to effectively stain your deck or fence so that it will look sharp and last for many years. Request a free quote on your deck staining service today.

When you’re thinking about staining your deck, there are a few things you should consider. It’s not just about the look you’re after; each type of deck finish has practical benefits to think about too. After all, the goal of treating your deck is to keep the wood in good shape as it puts up with the changing weather conditions.

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Staining allows you to show off the natural grain of the wood, which gives you a high-end look. Stain soaks deep into the wood, filling up gaps that would otherwise soak up moisture. Stain still provides some good resistance to moisture, but it’s not as effective as paint. It also doesn’t provide much protection from sunlight, which means you’ll likely need to reapply the stain more often than you would with paint. On average, decks should be restained every couple years.

Deck Staining Company

Deck Staining Pros

Depending on the size of your deck, as well as the material and wood it’s constructed from, staining your deck can be a large job. Many homeowners find that the DIY route may lead to further damage, more extensive restoration, and other issues. When you trust the deck restoration pros at NorthCraft, ...

however, we’ll handle every aspect of your deck staining service from start to finish. As one of the leading deck cleaning and staining companies in the area, we’ll make sure that your deck is weatherproofed and revitalized for the upcoming season. Our deck and fence painting and staining services are designed to be efficient and deliver a quality product that meets our standards, every time. Whether you need minor deck staining services or complete sealing services, you can trust our highly-trained team to accomplish this to the highest quality.

Large Decks

Our professional deck restoration contractors have stained and sealed decks of all shapes and sizes. We are capable of handling even very large and complex projects, delivering fantastic results every time. Our in-house team relies on professional-grade cleaners and brighteners before using ...

low pressure to wash the surface of your deck. This helps us avoid damage and offers you environmentally-friendly deck sealing and deck staining services. Decks are subject to all types of weather including heat, rain, snow, and wind, all of which can lead to premature aging and damage. If your deck has started to show the effects of extreme weather and age. We proudly offer professional deck staining services quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to enjoying your deck as soon as possible. We know how to restore decks in all stages of disrepair.

Maintained Deck

Your home’s curb appeal isn’t limited to the color of your house or the quality of your flowers. A well-maintained deck, patio, and fence can greatly improve the impression your home makes on your friends, family, neighbors, and potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint or stain can make all the difference, providing ...

instant curb appeal without requiring a total yard overhaul. At least, that’s the case when you hire our staining company to do the tough part for you. Our experts will walk you through the advantages of each to ensure we meet your needs and wishes while taking the best possible care of your deck. NorthCraft is locally owned and our staining professionals are the best in the business. We'll help you win the fight against Mother Nature by staining and painting your deck to both protect it and make it look great all year round.

Improve the look of your deck by getting it stained by the pros. Dont delay any longer.

Deck staining and painting are about more than just curb appeal—they’re about keeping your home’s exterior features safe from water damage and rot for years to come. NorthCraft technicians follow a proven process to ensure your fence and deck are properly maintained during our services.

Deck Staining

Deck Staining

Keeping your deck stained is essential to a long lasting structure and protecting your investment.

Garage Floors

Garage Floors

A garage is more than just the spot you park your car. Transform it into a one of a kind piece of art.

Fence Staining

Fence Staining

The most viewed area of the property. A maintained and stained fence increases curb appeal.

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Floors

When quality, aesthetics, and function all meet to provide resinous liquid epoxy flooring.

Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaning

Deck cleaning service will remove dirt, mold, mildew, sap, and weathered wood, restoring the deck.

Industrial Epoxy Floors

Industrial Epoxy Floors

Keep your industrial facility clean, organized, and great place to work or shop with epoxy floors.

Deck Staining Contractor

Never leave your deck unfinished

One thing is certain: you should never leave your deck totally unfinished. Applying a finish is important because untreated wood will break down quickly when left to the elements. Once moisture gets in there, wood can twist, warp, and crack as it reacts to the moisture. Sunlight also breaks down wood over time as well, and combined with moisture can make it vulnerable to wood-decay fungi and wood rot.

Deck Staining Technician

Keep the natural look of wood

Painting and staining your deck can be a big job, even if your deck isn’t all that large. It takes time and care to ensure you get the finish you want. Whether you want deck with a solid color, or want to keep the more natural look of the wood, we’ll help you create the perfect look for your outdoor space.

We tackle all the prep before staining

At NorthCraft, we are happy to perform a free deck evaluation to make a recommendation of whether you need any deck staining service and a free written estimate of our services, if so. We will tackle all of the preparation on your behalf, performing a deep and thorough cleaning of your deck prior to beginning the actual sealing and staining process.

Deck Staining Installer

We can handle all your deck staining needs

For each deck staining project tackled, we use only the finest materials, including clear water repellant, toner or tinted water repellant, semi-transparent stains, redwood and cedar stains, and solid stains. After we perform our initial evaluation, we will suggest the best approach and go to work for you according to your preferences. We look forward to handling all of your deck staining needs soon!

Deck Staining
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