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Selecting The Correct Type Of Stain

So many different types of stain. Countless different companies manufacturing stains. All of them marketing that their stain is the best and lasts the longest. Selecting a stain from a reputable manufacture is a good start but not the whole story. Selecting the correct type of stain for the right project is the way to go. Choosing stain characteristics that you want and need is much more important.

We talk about oil vs water stains and paints in another article so I’m not going to dive too deep into it here but the short answer to this is for the most part it doesn’t matter. In fact, in the last decade water-based products have surpassed oil based. Yes, you heard me right. Water is better than oil. All stains (water/oil) is a pigment mixed with a binder, mixed with the base (water or oil). When applied to the wood the water or oil evaporates leaving behind the pigment. Saying one is better than the other just doesn’t make sense. They both do the same thing.

Getting the stain from a good manufacture that is reputable is very wise. Every company uses different components and formulas to create their deck stain. Not all are equal. You can see this just by browsing the prices in the paint aisle. NorthCraft has partnered with the leader in coatings for a high-performance finish. The Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck® System is perfect for any type of wood fence or deck, either old or new. In a four-season environment with frequent freeze/thaw cycles, the penetrating power of SuperDeck provides exceptional beauty, durability and ease of maintenance.

Some stains are made for interior use only. They offer no UV protection. Making them a poor choice for any outside staining like a deck or fence. Other stains are formulated to only work well on vertical surfaces such as wood siding or fencing. They will not dry with the same characteristics that deck stain does.

Color can affect the way your deck or fence looks but did you know it also can last longer depending on the color you select. More pigment equals more time until it all fades away. We talk about stain colors in another article from last month. Just don’t forget that it does matter when selecting the correct type of stain.

"So many factors should contribute to you selecting the correct type of stain for your deck or fence project."

A lot of factors go into selecting the correct type of stain to use on your deck or fence. Take it all in and make informed decisions to select the right type that meets all the properties you are trying to get from your stain. Certain types do certain things. Of course, if you just want to make sure the correct type of stain is used, it is done professionally, and will last for years; then the only answer is hire the best deck staining company. NorthCraft Services will handle the project from cleaning to staining. Be sure to view examples of our work on our Facebook page and elsewhere on this website.


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Brett Hopkins

March 7, 2019 at 2:14 pm

Its crazy to thinks something like stain can make the deck last longer.

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Ray Kenzer

March 5, 2019 at 7:55 pm

Thanks for the info. Good point and Ill take the advice.

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