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Getting The Most Out Of Your Deck

That feeling when you need to get the most of your deck; there is a few things you can do to extend the life and get the most from your deck. You really want to entertain guests, have parties, maybe even a few BBQ. Tired of refinishing the deck and interested in keeping it looking the best for as long as possible. See what the deck sealing professionals have to say.

Color can affect how long the deck stain will last before it needs to be repainted. Selecting certain colors of stain can increase or decrease the amount of time that the stain lasts. While I personally love the look of more natural stain colors like a light natural stain. This does not last as long as a dark brown stain. The dark stains simply contain more pigment than lighter colors and takes longer for this pigment to fade. Making a wise choice on colors that match or compliment the existing house, and that will give you the longest life is a necessity.

Providing the correct amount of shade to the deck can also improve your deck experience. You will be able to enjoy hot days without being in the sun. More importantly areas not exposed to the sun will hold stain color longer. Just move a flower pot you can clearly see how the shaded area holds stain longer. This is tricky due to the fact that too much shade will cause mold to grow. Any spot that stays wet and shaded will grow green mold and moss. Doing this the right way will provide shade and a mildew free deck and years of outdoor enjoyment with the family.

"Getting the most our of your deck can be tricky at times but providing the right amount of shade is crucial."

Using good cleaning techniques is another great way to get the most out of your deck. Dont ever use anything that can physically scratch the wood deck. Wood does scratch. Using high pressure water to clean is not advised as this can cause stain to fail and lift, requiring stain touchups. Using harsh chemicals like bleach is not something you want to do to that nice deck. This will cause damage to the wood and not to mention kill all your flowers, bushes, grass, etc. anything the bleach comes in contact with will die. For good results use low pressure garden hose with only light scrubbing with a broom or brush. This loosens stubborn dirt and the water will rinse it away.

If you want long lasting high-quality deck staining the simplest answer is to only hire professional deck staining contractors. The NorthCraft technicians and crew are experienced with stain in all different types of wood, different wood structures, types of stain, and weather conditions. When hiring our team, we can provide the technical knowledge to give you a long lasting, quality deck restoration. Taking good care of this refinished deck will let you get the most our of your deck. So, follow these tips and only hire the best in deck staining, sealing, and cleaning.


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Scott Baren

March 5, 2019 at 8:12 pm

Great article. I will try these for my deck and see what happens.

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Gilbert Kallback

March 2, 2019 at 3:32 pm

So much to learn that I didnt know about the deck. Thanks.

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